Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FEM/Birthday Party

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I was invited by my Mentor almost two months ago and took off work to make it happen. I wanted to go because out of all the parties She's attended, this is one that She really wanted me to attend with Her. I was honored, and still am.
The evening started chaotic enough, as She was hosting the party and preparations had to be made. I wasn't sure what to expect and definitely didn't know it was a party for FemDommes, but was pleasantly surprised when I found out. We arrived to the house, and right off the bat, there were some boys there already preparing. She just gave a few more directions and we were off to get dressed and await the other guests. I wore a black, pvc corset, super short boy's shorts, thigh high stockings and black boots.
The strangest thing happened to me from the very beginning. I am not a people person, don't like conversating a whole lot and find it hard to relate to anyone outside of specific purposes. For the first time, the more people that showed up, the more at home I felt. Almost everyone I met and spoke with was like I was talking to a long-lost friend. They were so easy-going and down to earth that I had no problem engaging anyone, keeping up an interesting conversation or just hanging out enjoying the scenery.
The boys were the most well-trained bunch I've ever encountered. they were extremely polite and respectful, none were obnoxious or testy. they were on it, protocol was moderate to high and they were hittin' those marks as tight as a Marine's drill and ceremony. The Dommes were highly approachable and the conversations and energies were fluid, flowing freely throughout the entire house. Not really what I expected... better.
I have never been in an environment where I felt so free to be myself and it made me realize how much of myself I alter in order to be generally acceptable in society. Not so much my behavior but the way I interact with others. My ideas and thoughts, for once, were similar to the women around me. The boys were equally as eager to serve as they were to play. The service that I did expect from the boys were carried out without the looks, griping or complaining of their 'nilla counterparts. To top it all, I didn't feel the pressure to feel bad that I was demanding to someone, that I was a bitch, or a Queen, or whatever, as is sometimes the adjectives from society... . Now I don't mind being called any of those names, but being accepted for who I am by a group (not just one or two people) means a lot to me, more than what I thought it would.
I think I've really found a home with this group and hope to make many more socials and parties with them. I enjoyed myself beyond enjoyment and pleasure. The party was just awesome and the birthday boy was rather lucky... as many as four Mistresses playing him at one time. he had a smile from ear to ear when We were through... .

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bringing in the New Decade Right


Last night was a blast at Emo's! I had a much needed break from the stress of everyday life. Being able to dress up in Goth Domme mode and hang out with Mr V and His brother to watch some of the greatest performers I've witnessed in a while.
As soon as we got there, I asked Mr V for a Jack and Coke. Little did I know the bartender was going to serve it up like I was going home with him! I watched him fill up the 8 oz. cup almost to the top, then he topped it off with a little sprinkle of Coke, literally. After that drink, I was buzzed. Tipsy passed after the third sip. I then had a beer (Heineken, what else?), then another Jack and Coke, then another beer (my near brother-in-law is so good to me). By the end of the night, between the drinks and other people smoking trees, I fully understood "holding onto the grass to make sure you don't fall off the lawn." Whew! I couldn't over-do it since I wanted to be able to walk back to the car on my own two feet, so I stopped there (and wisely).
Waiting in line, Tomasz Wróblewski of Behemoth passed us to get to his tour bus. He is so damn fine, it's ridiculous. Photos don't do him justice at all. Tall, dark, hot, and damn it if I didn't have Mr V with me! I would've acted like a pure groupie and followed him into that tour bus. I'm trying to inspect for myself the difference between American and Polish sausages. Have him talk to me in Polish while I flog and whip his ass until he's a quivering pile at my feet. Dammit!
Pack of Wolves started first, and they were bad ass!! I saw them about a year ago and they have greatly improved in their technique and stage presence. They set it off just right. The drummer worked his ass off and was almost a one man show.
Lightning Swords of Death followed and they were okay.
Then Septicflesh came on next, and I was laughing my ass off. Everyone in the crowd was skeptical, they were commenting on how a band from Greece could know anything about metal - especially death metal. They started playing and ripped everyone a new one and I saw a crowd heading to the line to buy their cd. Now that's eating your own words at its finest.
Finally, Behemoth was up and they tore it up as I expected. The crowd was so pumped, they didn't want them to leave the stage. They kept chanting "Behemoth" every time they went off stage and they kept coming back out to give the crowd more. They played like "Fuck the noise ordinance" because they were supposed to be off the stage at Austin's conservative, "we're so virginal," noise ordinance, hush or we'll give you a ticket time. As any good man will do, they kept at it until everyone was satisfied.  Next time they're on tour, I'm getting a tattoo with their emblem that I'll be flashing when they come out. (Tosses head back and chuckles deviantly to self.)