Monday, February 23, 2009

Bound by Love

Artwork: Ointment and Moon Bath by Luis Royo

Sometimes, a little time with a loving friend can cure a world full of ills. I'm feeling a little better, more active mentally, and physically relieved right now after a day full of rest. This weekend was horrifying at work. I was running a hospital, not a nursing home and it was a nightmare. Times like those encourage me to continue my studies away from the medical field that is slowing sucking the life out of me. I'll be glad for a change.

Anyway, not many can understand the great peace that results from just lying with someone without saying a word. People often spoil wonderful moments by opening their mouths like a motion picture when all that's needed is a great still. Skin to skin and quiet bonds people together, reassures most insecurities, calms the spirit, quiets the raging and reverses prior offenses. It provides a way for souls to make love and is priceless to me. I can now stand on my own feet again.

Her quiet company isn't a distraction for me, which I don't need. It is a prerequisite for deep and pensive meditation that provides me the answers to the things that puzzle me. I find relief and comfort in her arms. I appreciate her for that and all she does for me. That's the reason I call her my sister.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quick Break

I had to take a quick break just to say...

She makes me feel like Wonder Woman!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My emotions, moods and desires are fluctuating so fast lately it's hard to maintain my balance.

There was an interesting boy I met a few weeks back. Upon meeting him, he caused me to switch to Top mode instantly and my self actualized goal to remain in bottom mode went flying out the window. I gave an evil grin while shaking his hand, caused by the demonic thoughts racing through my mind of all the things I could do with a delicious little puppy like this one. I've been trying to think of his name, not his real name but the name I decide to call him and I think I'm getting closer to an idea. I just have to see him one more time to confirm it.

He must have had a little peek into what I was thinking because I watched his body language shift into a more submissive posture and he began to have difficulty completing his sentence, almost like a stutter but more like a brain fart. Fine with Me as I don't need him to think anyway, just follow the sound of My voice. his shoulders rounded, his back hunched forward, head lowered and he had difficulty looking Me in the eyes. Yum. submission, and the beast within Me almost lept out to ravage him.

Of course, I would never even think to Domme anyone that didn't give verbally consented interest in My doing so but this puppy was like clay in My hands and My protocol may have to be slightly adjusted. Nothing would make My pussy wetter than to command him to kneel before Me as I taunt him gently, perhaps a stool, My own personal chair, I wonder how his skin would feel under My heel, at what point could I get him to squeal. I envision biting his chin firmly to ensure that I can watch his eyes while I torture his family jewels, keeping his face millimeters from Mine. I'd love to watch his skin dance and his body writhe beneath a crisp whip, the sound that gorgeous ass would make, the shades of red it could become, the welts that may rise. If he was a good boy, I'd let him eat My pussy until I came all over his face, then I'd lock away My toys in a chastity belt and place him at the foot of My bed to sleep until morning curled up on his own little bed with his collar chained to the bed. I may allow him to come, then again, I may not. Whew! I may have to go get him cause he is making me crazy lately.

But that is always the first thought of attraction isn't it? For vanilla people, the thought is "I sure would love to ride that pony." For kinky folk, the thought is "I sure would love to ride that pony," but we mean it differently. Short term thoughts are I'd love to rule him deliciously, but long term is he is beautiful, his aura is a brilliant whitish blue, his vibe was making Mine hum, and he was so sweet. he seemed to be very interested but unsure of how to approach me, though he didn't do a bad job in my opinion. The reality is that, I would love him, cherish him, adore him, take care of his heart and mind and body and spirit. I'd give him a pedestal as long as it wasn't higher than Mine, of course. he is beauty embodied, and I was definitely feelin his swagger, lol. he was meant for me to rule, the gods formed him and handed him to Me, but the timing could never be worse and so I turned from him and walked away. Some of the deepest restraint I've exercised in a long time.

Okay, now my mind is back and I'm glad to finally get that off my chest.