Friday, October 2, 2009

Needful Things

For a long time now, I've been wondering what "my thing" could be. The one or two things that I could specialize in and really get off to, my own craft of the trade. I finally found what that was through my gracious mentor and her husband when they introduced me to needle play. I had actually forgotten that we were supposed to be doing it when I went to her house Wednesday night.

Of course, the sub was a sexy boi I've had the privilege of spanking, flogging, caning and now poking. Beautiful D tits, soft skin, curvy, with wide hips, and loves to be naked. What more can anyone ask for??? The needle and her skin played my favorite game - futile attempts of resistance followed by a luscious dive through her like a hot knife through butter. The sensations ilicited short, quick breaths as I watched her chest rise and fall rapidly; a hearbeat so loud I could hear it pounding in my ears. She gripped the edges of the table with her nails dug into the padding, toes curled. By the tenth needle, a thin layer of sweat glossed her delicious body.

One of the needles went through the inner folds of her vagina just below her clitoris. Deciding we didn't like that one, we pulled it out and wiped with antiseptic which gave me a new realization. Her response to that burning pain excited my sadistic side immensely. She began rocking back and forth on the table so much I pulled her legs into me and held her so she wouldn't injure herself by falling off the table. I otherwise offered no sympathy as the tears poured from her eyes. I glared at her intently until her eyes refocused on mine and I waited for the word from her lips to stop it all. She began to calm and repositioned herself to lay still, but she never said it. She pouted, but said nothing. I kissed her lips to reward her for her strength, feeling the warmth of her face, moisture on my lips, inhaling the intoxicating mixture of sweat and tears from her skin. I then prepared to move on.

I enjoy spanking and flogging, I enjoy binding, I enjoy consensual nonconsent, however... . What really gets my blood flowing is single tails, a person kneeling at my feet, and now piercing. I'm really excited to have found what my craft entails and will now be working diligently to perfect it to the best of my abilities. I will next begin to work on permanent piercings while continuing to find out if there is anything else I enjoy, but this is a great start!