Monday, December 26, 2011

Moving Forward

How the time has passed... . I have been outside of the kinky community for a while, especially during the time of my illness. I've been doing better with more mental clarity, focus, improved relationships. I do miss many people I've met along the way, and I plan to visit every now and again. Recently I've been focusing on finishing school and was put back one quarter because of my illness, so instead of graduating in the summer, I'll be graduating in the fall but I can't think about that now. I've got to press on.

Outside of the community, there is no change in my household. Daddy is Daddy, I'm still his girl. It's a role that has become much easier since recognizing that He will be here. It has become so much easier since decreasing the distractions that I placed between us as roadblocks. We can never know where the future will take any of us, and concerning myself with today more so than five years from now has made things much smoother. I am who I am and sometimes I think He still doesn't get me, but I'm okay with that because He is okay with me doing my thing.

Spiritually, there have been some great improvements and I feel that I am evolving in the way that I need to finally. I am taking my time to learn everything I need to learn. Basically studying not just business but Ifa as well, so my schedule is full. This Wednesday is our day to go to the waters and give thanks for this past year with blessings for the next year to come. Yemaya has been a great blessing throughout my life, and my gaze has focused on doing what I need to do on this front as well. So I'm working and I'm working, working it all out. How the time has passed... .

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